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  CBS This Morning  CBS  May 1, 2017 7:30am-7:33am PDT

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used to be they never had chairs that anybody can remember in front of a desk, but i've always done it this way where i'm at the desk and have people here, but usually they would sit on sofas. but this is the resolute desk. it's a great desk with a phenomenal history. many great presidents were behind this desk and some choose other desks. they have seven desks they can actually choose. i like this. it was fdr's, ronald reagan, kennedy. >> it's something there, john, and you're standing will talking to the president of the united states in the oval auchls i don't care who you are. it's never blase to come to the white house and be inside this building and what it represents for the country. >> i believe that's the resolution desk that was in the
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picture with president john f. kennedy and little john climbing through the opening. >> they would say, i'm going to the president what i think and when they come out, they'd come out and what'd you think? >> he's a great president. >> george bush said the same thing about his fathering. >> john dickerson traveled on "air force one" with mr. trump. mr. trump met with workers at a tool fak tre and spoke at a rally to mark his 100th day. >> asked the president about his next set of priorities and how he plans to work with congress. what about infrastructure? >> we're going to work with inf infrastructu infrastructure. we fweeskt the plan. we'll be filing it in the next
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few week, maybe sooner. >> you said you were disappointed with republicans in congress. why? >> disappoints because they're friends of mine, special people. whether it's freedom cause was or tuesday or thursday or let's go have a drink, they're fwratd peel rngs i know them all. i can honestly say i don't dislike any of them. i like almost all of them a lot. we have voted that were voted positively. before it didn't matter. president obama would veto everything now we have the senate and the white house. these are great people. i think you're going to see the republican party really come together. >> they're learning what it's like to be in charge. >> they're governing. now it's not just like saying no. before they could say no and it didn't matter because it wasn't going to get approved anyway, so what difference does it make. now we're governing.
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i'll tell you what. the republican party, they're great people. frankly a lot of them are not leaders. schumer is not a leader. i've about known him for years. he doesn't know how to lead and he's bringing them so far left. >> what's the difference when negotiating in waus? >>